Tuesday, May 31, 2011

St. Martins, New Brunswick, Canada

St. Martins, New Brunswick, Canada

Sea Caves
Nestled on miles of quiet, unspoiled Bay of Fundy beaches, is the serene seaside community of St. Martins. 
Located on the shores of the famous Bay of Fundy, home to the World’s Highest Tides (48 - 56 ft ), St. Martins is a beautiful, picturesque village with a rich history.
The scenic village has many interesting features, included are Victorian properties; miles of unspoiled, quiet, accessible beaches; two lighthouses; a garden-park; an active harbour boasting two covered bridges; world famous `Sea Caves`; and is `The Gateway to the Fundy Trail .'
The original name of the area was `Goolwagagek` a Mi`kmaq word meaning `haunt of the hooded seal`. In 1783 a group of loyalist soldiers known as the King’s Orange Rangers settled there.
The village became a major ship-building community in which 500 sailing ships were built and launched to sail around the world. A disastrous fire on May 21, 1900 destroyed over 68 buildings in the village.
However, the wealth of the shipbuilder left a lasting architectural legacy in the grand homes that remain.
Over the past decade, St. Martins has become known as one of New Brunswick’s most beautiful seaside vacation resort communities.
The Village is a magnet for artists and photographers wishing to capture the unspoiled beauty of the area. A small community of artisans produce pottery, jewellery, paintings and sculptures. And, there are a growing number of unique shops and galleries.
Hiking, walking, biking, bird watching, rock hounding, and beachcombing are all within steps of excellent dining and a range of accommodation in campgrounds, cottages, B&BS, and country inns.