Saturday, May 14, 2011

Green's Point Lighthouse, Letete, New Brunswick, Canada

Green's Point Lighthouse

Rainy days are not a reason to stay home. There is always an adventure just around the corner..... or at least some beautiful scenery. This little bit of land is in Letete, New Brunswick and also the connection Ferry to Deer Island, even more scenic beauty, which I will blog about another time.

Bounded by Green’s Point on the east and Macs Island on the west, Letete Passage was a thoroughfare used by vessels to enter Passamaquoddy Bay en route to the wharves at St. Andrews, St. Stephen, and St. George. Letete is derived from the French “la tete,” which means “the head,” and refers to the headlands that bracket the passage.

Salmon Cages, Deer Island Ferry in Background
After news of the planned de-staffing of Green’s Point leaked out in 1995, a few concerned citizens formed the Green’s Point Light Association to maintain the station as an educational and recreational facility. An informational meeting was held in the remaining keeper’s dwelling on November 10, 1996, and with growing support, an agreement allowing use of the property was signed between the association and the Canadian Coast Guard on December 4, 1996. The following July a Marine and Coastal Interpretive Center, which has displays on the lighthouse, coastal flora and fauna, and local marine industries, was opened in the keeper’s dwelling.

After being fully automated since 1996, Green’s Point Light was officially decommissioned on September 8, 1999, though the fog alarm remains in use. Ownership of the lighthouse and station was transferred to the Green’s Point Light Association in July 2008. A Coast Guard monitoring station on the property has served since 2002 as a vacation rental ( NICE Beach House) to raise money to maintain the property.  From the Beach House, you are approx 12-14 minute drive from the town of St. George.

Beach Tresures

The keeper’s house of Letete Passage Light, also known as Greens Point Light, is now the Green’s Point Lighthouse Museum! The museum is home to several small aquaria, including a touch tank, and has such things in its collection as a 2000 year old walrus skull!