Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grand Manan Ferry Runs Aground

Grand Manan Ferry Runs Aground

The Grand Manan Ferry is now docked in Blacks Harbour, N.B., and being surveyed for damage after running aground on Wednesday morning at approx 9 a.m. Possibly got stuck on a sand bar - according to some reports. The ferry's stern had been stuck on a ledge near the dock in Blacks Harbour, which is west of Saint John, NB.
The roughly 100 passengers were taken to shore on life boats or by other local boats from the area that came to help in the evacuation.

Passengers being evacuated
The transportation official said the ferry was evacuated before it was floated by the incoming tide. 
The Grand Manan Ferry was able to float itself into the dock with the high tide. The Coastal Transport official said there are no signs the ferry is leaking because of the incident.

The Grand Manan V attempts to free itself after being grounded
Now that the ferry is docked in Blacks Harbour, passengers are beginning to claim their cars. It is not known how much damage has been done to the vessel. My Dad used to always say, "Tide goes out, thar ya are, stuck on the sandbar.....tide comes in....up goes the boat".
I'm sure there will be some stories to tell that will liven things up over in quiet Grand Manan - no one hurt, quick action by crew to evacuate - perhaps nothing damaged except the pride of whoever hit the sandbar?