Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update on Wing-Tagged Seagull:
Received this note from the “Stats on Gulls” folks in Maine
Lilly - Thanks for the gulls sighting and excellent photos -
Pictures are a big help to us. Below are some details on the bird you saw.

Captured 3/25/2009 at White City Plaza, Shrewsbury, MA - Captured using a rocket net baited with crackers and French Fries.
Adult Male ring-billed gull. Florescent Orange wing-tags: A229
Orange leg band: MC, Federal band: 0974-10873.
Released on site where banded -
Sightings: Sea View Square Mall, New Jersey, Boston Post Road, Milford, Conneticut and Calais, Maine all in USA.
St. Croix River, New Brunswick & Antigonish, Nova Scotia in Canada.
Sounds like a good Tour to me, eh ! Or, in the land of OZ, it would be referred to as a "Fly About" :)