Monday, April 11, 2011

Update on Tagged Seagull

Went back to St. Croix Riverbank yesterday early morning with enticing food, hoping that "Tagged Seagull" was still amongst all the others. Arrived and found all the seagulls were down on the water, with the tide already gone out. H-m-m-m-m-, decided to open food bag and toss treats up in air, most of them falling back on me. Within seconds a flock of screeching seagulls immediately flew from all directions to where I was tossing the food and they immediately fell into a feeding frenzy. More and more seagulls came....... 
As the seagulls kept arriving, low and behold the "Tagged Seagul" was among them, feeding and flying about without a bother, with this tag attached to its wing. Pretty amazing that this is being tracked by someone, somewhere, eh.

I did not mention that this bird was actually on American soil (beach in Calais, Maine), flew to the Canadian side, undetected by the American and Canadian Border Patrol - illegally landed feathers :)