Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sea Monsters lurking about in Bay of Fundy

Hey - Well, dabbed a note about little Town of St. George  yesterday, so along with that comes "The Lake Utopia Sea Serpent"; seeing as they are RIGHT CLOSE, eh.

Lake Utopia

One of the great mysteries of the sea- is that of the sea serpent.  
The most famous of these creatures of the deep is, of course, Scotland's Loch Ness monster. Then there is the Lake Utopia sea serpent, the creature that some have dubbed Old Ned.

Lake Utopia is in southern New Brunswick not far from Passamaquoddy Bay. Lake Utopia is located in Eastern Charlotte County, New Brunswick. The southern shore of the lake is one kilometer northeast of the town of St. George. The lake is connected to the Magaguadavic River by the second “deepest natural canal” in the world.
Native American lore has it that Lake Utopia was long the home of a great sea serpent. Aboriginal folk myth described the creature as possessing a huge mouth and a set of extremely intimidating teeth. According to Native tradition, during winter months, the creature would sometimes break through Utopia's ice to snap at wayfarers walking across the lake.

If one looked at the reported sitings, you would notice that every 3-5 years there is a sighting - there was a sighting reported in the newspaper in 1996 and again in 2000. Everyone was thinking that perhaps in 2005, and again in 2010 there would be sightings.
Most people who have seen the mysterious creature tend to be quiet about it, sharing it with their families and friends.
There was a fella that used to fish on the lake every year and on about dusk, canoeing about the lake, he bumped into a log and pushed his canoe away from it. Then a few seconds later he bumped the log again and learned at that point, it was not a log. It moved and rolled and one of the humps was coming up out of the water. The rising of the hump almost filled his canoe with water and at that poing the mysterious creature disappeared below the water.
Most people just don’t talk about it – it’s a great story around the kitchen stove or on a warm summer’s night at the campfire.
I want to thank (Red Nomad OZ) for info on the BUNYIP, having stalked its way through Aboriginal legends into modern folklore, the BUNYIP is a bizarre aquatic mammal that is said to lurk beneath the placid waters of Australia's lakes, riverbeds and watering holes.
Thanks OZ, cheers, Lilly