Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kite Flying

Canadian "Flag" Kite, eh

There is nothing quite like an afternoon of  kite flying, whether it is up on the bluff, away from the water or next to a field by the lighthouse; perhaps on Saints Rest Beach, or St. Andrews Bay. Anyhoow, it sure can be fun for "KIDZ" of all ages :)

St. Andrews Bay, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick Canada

There's a kinda child like spirit that creeps into your body as you prepare the kite for flight..................and then out onto the field or beach to catch the wind.............feel the power of the wind pulling your kite it soar and almost disappear (if you have lots of string like myself). Aah, sooooo MUCH FUN - always keep the child within you and look forward to those "Kite Afternoons" with relish :)

St. Andrews Bay

Longest bridge in the world over ice covered water - Prince Edward Island's "Confederation Bridge", 12.9 km or 8 miles long, in background, photo shown below, and yes, I flew a kite there too :)