Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Day In The Country

Drove up to St. George today and stopped to shop at little shops - they have a really nice craft store on the main street, "Crafty Creations" right on Main Street, with lots of DIFFERENT things in it, not the usual JUNK most other stores have. I bought a couple of new dresser scarfs, a candle holder and a ceramic light switch (sooooo nice). Then we went to the Bakery a few doors down from "Crafty Creations" and bought their home made brown bread - there is soooo much in this bakery, it is most tempting not to buy more - the home made pies were to die for.
Then drove through Bocabec, on to St. Andrews and had a nice walk in the warm sun in the park and out on the beach by the big cannons. What a wonderfully sunny, warm day.

Large grass fire cross the river in Calais this evening, right across the river from our Library and saw a seagull with a large orange identification band attached to its wing, which read # 229. Never saw an ID Band on a gull before?? Neat - Cheers