Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The River - by Lilly

The River

Quiet waters softly flowing
Up the river that I'm rowing,
Waves breaking on the beach ahead
This is where I'll make my bed.

Sandy beach, bright green trees
In the fall, I'll watch the leaves,
Turn reds, yellows and soft browns
Falling gently, spinning down.

I feel the mist upon my face
Surely I have found my place,
The time has come, "Go now", she said -
To the river where I'll make my bed.

My head is weary, my limbs do creak
My body's heavy, my mind grows weak-
The spot is sighted and just ahead-
Is the river, where I'll make my bed.

The stars shine bright, the waves do play
I feel at rest, I think I'll stay
My boat is harboured, the anchor stead-
In the river, where I've made my bed.