Monday, March 28, 2011

My Deck Adventure

Story goes like this:
Yesterday started like any other morning. Woke up early, did the usual morning things, as we all do. Beenie was off, as she worked the weekend. We had checked the area on the deck where the screen tent usually goes, so decided to replace the worn wood in that section - seemed simple enough for two wise women. We measured the area and kinda figured we needed enough boards to cover approx a 10 x 12 area, OK - well, after arriving at Kents and learning that the boards come in 12 ft lengths, I suggested we should get at least 25 boards to start with. Feeling quite satisfied with that number, we decided we should treat ourselves to a coffee at Timmies, before venturing home to begin tearing up the olde boards.
Arrived home and changed into olde work clothes. Took prying bars out on deck to start, realizing "Where do we start"? How does one start prying up wood that has been laid down with 4 or 5 inch nails - some of these nails looked like they were 7 inches long - YIKES. Anyway, we decided to start where the wood had rotted and that was a good idea until we ran into the boards that weren't quite rotted through, which proved a lot harder to get up. Actually I was thinking "Holy Sh_t, how the he_l are we going to get these friggin things up - it sure isn't as easy as we thought - h-m-m-m-m
Just at that moment, my handyman, Ken arrived to put the new taps on the kitchen sink and I am sure he had a giggle when he saw what we were trying to do. Ken immediately said it would be a lot easier if I had a piece of two x four. I went to get the 2 x 4 from the basement and much to our surprise, he just put the corner of the 2 x 4 under a bit of the board and pushed the first olde board right up out of the nails that were holding it down - that was great - now we only had all the rest to do, which were staggered by the way, so now we had another dilemma - the boards which were staggered were 12 ft boards, but not the whole board had to be replaced. My idea was to get the saw thingy(circular saw), plug it in and run it right across the original 10 x 12 area I had planned to replace - OK - so that left mes with no lip to nail boards to every other board, so I had bits and pieces of 2 x 4's around the basement and barn and went to fetch those and nailed those to the existing supports to create a lip to nail to. Pretty clever, eh (you gotta remember we are not carpenters, so for us in our limited capacity, this was a really clever idea.) Anyway, up came the boards and now we were faced with those 7 inch nails(ha,ha), standing ever so tall out of the studs?supports?, whatever you call them. Ken left fixing the kitchen sink and showed me how to get them out real easy with the prying bars - this is a really useful tool - I am glad I had two of them - I can't remember ever using them until today - yep, like that tool. Anyway, Ken went back to the kitchen sink and Beenie  & I continued to remove all the nails.
Now we have this huge hole in the middle of the deck and I was amazed how the people that lived here before had used the deck to throw stuff under. Well, we dug all the crap out, olde pails, coke bottles (glass), olde rotted boards and a zillion galvanized nails which were never used, just laying under the deck. We collected all the nails, cleaned that crap all up and now, we were ready to start putting the new boards down.
Beenie brought my compound miter saw and table from up from the basement and we set that all up and measured and cut the first board - aah, the excitement of the first fit and it slid right into place and rested gently on the new lips. Beenie had the honor of fastening in the new board and got to use her new screwdriver, with freshly charged batteries. How cool is that ! So, that ended deck repairs for the day, cause it was now 5:30 and time to eat - I am resuming the repairs tomorrow, while little Beenie goes to nest at Cdn Tire. Beautiful sky this morning and beautiful red/yellow sun. Not bad for a couple of dolls with limited knowledge – what can I say – “Women can do anything”