Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Name Is Charles......

My name is Charles.....
This is my brother Larry n my other brother Larry-
I think more clearly when I lie down.
I have an idea - perhaps my idea is useless, however; we would like to join with our other fine feathered brothers' n sisters and create a "gang" of mighty seagulls in the attempt to get some free food.
We sort of have a plan, however odd it might seem. Through much discussion, we have decided to gather and hatch a plot of fear; arrive in great numbers, confusing everybody and steal fish n chips from the King Street Takeout customers.
We have noticed the customers set the takeout bag on the hood of their car while attempting to open their car doors - kinda stupid on their part - an advantage for us. We could swoop in, grab the takeout bag and hastily retreat to the Olde Tower of Town Hall and have a great feast. There is a window busted in the back, which makes for a great entrance. We have a secret place there, just for meetings like this and its also great protection to get out of the bad the hurricane last week.
We voted in Slick Eddie to be our leader; a commanding fellow of sorts, whose good in a fight.
Unfortunately, he flew into a pole and has gone a bit soft in the head.
Then we picked Nelson and figured he could easily be the brains behind our whole mission, as he always surprises us with human treats - well, he got trapped in the baggage compartment of the bus leaving for St. Andrews.
Then, there is John and one of my brothers - Larry. They are sneaky, I mean real sneaky and I thought they would be a great addition in hatching the plan, however; they are dealing cards across the river in Maine at the gambling resort. Oh crap!
I had hoped to have Carrie fly over and sit on the roof of the takeout and just listen - like a secret listening agent; just found out she does not like the music they play on the Tide Radio Station - seems she likes the blues much better. I am not at all happy with this.
Finally I turned to Estelle , my last hope as a major player to fly back n forth between the Tourist Bureau and the Olde Town Hall , as Carrie's lookout. Did I mention there is a People's Pub on the corner - She's always getting into the sauce on the deck in the back of the place. Regrettably, someone left a few drops in a glass out on the "open deck" and she has passed out.
Perhaps, at this time, I must take a temporary pass, on our "Gang" plans. It seems they were going to fail from the start. It's probably much safer to stick to the waterfront, get in a bit o'fishin' and just accept whatever treats come our way.
Dinner Anyone ?
by SaucyKod

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Season Of Fog.........

Living in the fog belt of Maritime Canada gives many opportunities to photograph "Fog" in all its glory.
To have access to the Bay of Fundy coastline, the ocean, the rivers, lakes, streams, wildlife, highways and towns surrounded in fog is a moving experience. Now, most people think of seasons as Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. Living on the Eastern Coast of Canada gives us a fifth season - that being The Season Of Fog; which can interrupt all other four Seasons.
Having the ability to capture "Fog" is a season I love. There is nothing quite as unique as capturing nature/life in its rawest beauty. To be along the Bay during early morning fog is a truly unique experience. Fog gives you the true Maritime experience of photographing a totally different type of image.
Many folks do not find fog as welcoming as I do. I love how fog changes landscape; giving it a lure of mystery. I love how it changes the forest and makes it dark and frightening, almost hypnotizing to a degree. I love how it changes the smallest to largest of animals and makes for an awesome experience "of the sheer magnitude of prickly skin terror".  
 All you can really see in thick fog are shadows and usually the noise that accompanies them - makes for a great backdrop to adding suspense and mystery to many stories told on a back porch on a foggy night.
There's dry and wet fog, early morning fog, valley fog, fog that evaporates before 10a.m.. There's fog that clings to the tops of hills and trees.....and if only you could reach a bit higher, you might come in contact with it. There's fog that clings to your clothing and at the same time takes your breath away. On the Bay in winter, you may experience "freezing fog" - it will settle layer by layer on your vessel and you'll hear the sound of axes chopping ice off the boat which could mean the difference of arriving at port safely or sinking.
I have found valley fog to be one of my favourites. There are many hills and valleys in New Brunswick. An early morning valley fog lies between the hills. You can capture the beauty of fog moving and eventually evaporating into the day, or watch it come and go with the ever changing Bay Of Fundy Tides. Fog to me is also a welcome treat to cool off the heat of the day.
I have a light wet suit; I have a style of zip-lock photo bag, which works great on stormy outings. Weather does not leave me behind - I would be like those that are referred to as storm chasers, with the exception that I would be chasing various stages of fog.....or weather that is different from our regular sunny days and charming sunsets.
The reward is simple - for one to have captured a momentous frame in fog; weather of a different nature - perhaps an outstanding difference with something unique - for one foggy morning, the photographer stood outside the "other seasons box".
We have a saying here in the Maritimes; "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes" - Ooh, wait a moment - in Newfoundland that would amount to 35 minutes :) Lobster anyone?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Just a nice day.......

Early morning Fog.....
St. Andrews Bay
Found on Beach.....
Fine Design On This Future Walking Stick.....
The Algonquin Resort St. Andrews By-The-Sea
Sunset & Moon on the ride home....

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Arthur Hits The Maritimes -

Bridge out of town closed again........
Post-tropical storm Arthur battered the Maritimes over the weekend leaving more than 290,000 homes and businesses without power. Heavy rain and strong winds resulted in over 2,000 tress toppling down in Fredericton, NB alone. High winds forced restoration operations; as Hydro crews could not put buckets up due to the wind. The southwestern community of St. Stephen had received 142 millimeters of rain by Saturday - it marked the third time in four years that excessive flooding hit St. Stephen leaving the main route into the town from the north impassable by Saturday evening. No real damage at my place - just a wind torn screen house and lots of my "neighbours" branches from an awesomely large maple tree in my back yard -  a few hours cleanup took care of that.
NB Power estimated on Sunday 48 to 72 hours to repair damage and today many homes are still without power. We were most fortunate - we only lost power for approx 40 hours. NB Power is looking at Friday to have all power restored in the Charlotte County Area just in time to celebrate the Chocolate Fest (St. Stephen) and International Homecoming Festival hosted by Calais, Maine. Much fun and many events in two small towns. Although separated by the St. Croix River and border crossing, the towns merge together as one during the Festival.
My neighbours just around the corner had this large tree just slide down the side of the house, coming to a complete stop just outside their front window. No damage to house. 
New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island battling waves -
NO, this fisherman did not fall in, however he did secure the line.
Storm has come and gone - repairs are underway and power is coming on slowly round the Maritimes. Many thanks to the crews of Hydro Workers from Maine that you see bustling round town this week. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Saturday, July 1st

Canada Day dawned amid bright blue skies, brilliant sunshine and gave way to the melodious roar of motorcycle pipes entering Kingsbrae Gardens in St. Andrews, N.B. This was the C.A.V. (Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Unit), friends, family and supporters, gathering to remember those who came before us; those who passed; those who came home. A Memorial Service to honour the lives lost in Afghanistan, the boys girls from your backyard. The service was followed with a wonderful lunch, provided by the staff of Kingsbrae.
"Out of somber moments, humility and humour arose; not just to give us reflection on the past, but to enable us to enjoy today, and embrace the future, whatever it may bring".
Then off we went to partake in the day's events, joining the parade through "Canada Day Town by the Bay"; followed with many day events, vendors, music, Maritime Charm and fireworks.
Certified Service Dog "Echo" - trained to assist individuals suffering from long-term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Over the years, it's been referred to as shell shock, war neurosis, soldier's heart and combat stress reaction.  There are many reports that Service Dogs speed recovery from PTSD and approx 82% indicated a reduction in symptoms. Echo is 11 years old - she can lift your mood and help you feel less stressed - she provides you with a calming presence and faithful companionship - most dedicated.
Through Strength and Honour, we grow our family of supporters and veterans. Through a common love of our fellow man, we continue on this Route Of Remembrance.......Lest We Forget.