Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saucy's "Charlie Brown" Tree......

A few posts ago I posted about "Balloon Ice Marbles" link here - well, I decided to make some. Our weather hasn't been cooperating much with wild swings in the temperature lane. Up and down, cold, freezing, thawing and then rain for many days. I did, however; catch an almost a week of freezing temps, so I set myself to work and created my first round of Ice Marbles.
How much dye does one put in before adding the water ( I tried 10 drops) and make sure  when tying the balloon shut that spurts don't come back and hit you right in the face. ha,ha I also discovered that it might be a good idea to wear surgeons gloves - after the red dye sprayed back onto my fingers. ha,ha
Anyway, let's get right to it. I did learn that if I put the string in the balloon at the beginning, then I didn't have to worry about making little "gunny sacks" to hang the ice marbles in the tree. Now this is the first set and although not that great, the next set will be much better. I have some small ones and odd shaped ones now waiting on the deck for colder weather.
I had to cut this small tree back and treat it in the fall and it looked rather pathetic in the side, why not spruce it up a bit, eh and give it some colour. Notice, all that snow we received with the Nor'Easter a couple of weeks ago, is almost gone with the sudden switch to warmer temps.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rocks, Leaves n Water.....

These photos were taken  a bit prior to our first snowfall, however, they were so pretty, I just had to post them.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Doggie Jail

I started the day in Doggie Jail, because I decided that Mom's wool socks would be fun to chew on. Apparently, she did not like that - after a bit of time passed by, she let me out on my own recognizance.....and because I whimpered pathetically. he,he - The socks were not all that tasty :(
Then I ate a sandwich off my Mom's Plate when she went to answer the phone and wasn't was worth it :)
Sniff - Sniff.......It smelled interesting - it was spongy soft and felt like a small bone treat - Eating Mom's Blu-Tooth Headset just got me in more trouble.
I tipped over the bin and ate the contents - then got yelled at, so I pretended to be ill - that worked the last time - this time; not so good :(
Mom n friends were playing Trivial Pursuit - they took a break - I tried to play and it all ended up on the floor - I don't see the joy to this game - or understand how this TRIVIAL GAME PUT ME IN JAIL??
I knocked over two full bowls of biscuits and broke a lamp while chasing my ball. I was so excited, I almost caught the darn thing and had a small relief of WEE on the floor - Mommy wasn't too thrilled to clean it all up - Sometimes,  I hate that ball.
Mommy bought some Arrowroot cookies from Mr. Christie - I thought they were for me cause its got little people on the package and I'm a little dog - figured that out on my own - I got the box down and ate them all. 
I also peed on the deck when it was cold and snowy, when no one was looking - I was very secretive - how did they find out ? - Sometimes I hate winter!
Puppy Jack

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Balloon Ice Marbles

This is very easy to do and a great family FUN  project.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Put The Baby Back.......

At 6 a.m. on the second Tuesday of November, the fishing communities of Campobello and Deer Island are among those that celebrate opening day of the fall lobster season and the importance of the fleet to their livelihoods. Families and friends show up at the docks to see the boats leave the harbours. There is a community-wide "blessing of the fleet" service the week before it starts.
A baby takes a first bite.......
Gently put back into the Bay
It's called "Setting Day" on Campobello and "Dumping Day" on Deer Island. The opening of the fall season is definitely the highlight of the year in the community. 
Islanders talk about their fishing family's love of the fall tradition as the season begins on a brisk November morning. There is great pride in the heritage of fishing and I for one do know and understand. When my Dad was fishin', there were many times we went out on the boat with him to help. We knew how important the short season was and I can remember him saying "a good catch means a good Christmas". I remember my Mum sitting at the kitchen table as Dad emptied his pockets filled with money having sold his catch.  Mum counted, separated and stacked all "fishing" money, which went straight to the bank. I remember Mum giving my Dad $10 dollars and we all got a dollar to spend for Christmas.....and that was a lot of money way back then.
Good Fishin' In The Maritimes.....

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lullaby For A Soldier

May your dreams bring you peace in the darkness
May you always rise over the rain,
May the light from above always lead you to love -
May you stay in the arms of the Angels.

May you always be brave in the shadows
'Til the sun shines upon you again,
Hear this prayer in my heart
And we'll ne'er be apart -
May you stay in the arms of the Angels.

May you hear every song in the forest
And if ever you lose your own way,
Hear my voice like a breeze 
Whisper soft through the trees -
May you stay in the arms of the Angels.

May you grow up to stand as a man, love;
With the pride of your family and name -
When you lay down your head or to rest in your bed,
May you stay in the arms of the Angels.

Link to song by Maggie Siff - 

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Nor' Easter

Intense nor'easter brings snow, rain, freezing rain, ice pellets and high winds to Atlantic Canada. The powerful, large-scale storm affected all Atlantic Canada. Some areas received 25-35 cm overnight, in the northern part of the province. In the southern part of the province, snow changed to freezing rain and ice pellets. Winds gusted up to 90 km. 

A storm of this magnitude brought many trees down, with their fall leaves heavily hanging and disrupted power to thousands of homes throughout the province. We fared well, did not lose our power and are left with a lot of frozen ice chunks out on the road - now the best part - the temps are supposed to rise and most or all of this will melt - What a totally unexpected surprise from Mother Nature and what a way to end October and start November, eh.
( I think raking leaves is over till the spring.)
Yep, its definitely NEW SHOVEL TIME :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Wild Witch Rides........

She comes by night, in fearsome flight,
in garments black as pitch,
the Queen Of Doom upon her broom,
the wild and wicked Witch.
A crackling crone with brittle bones
and desiccated limbs,
two evil eyes with warts and sties
and bags about the rims.
A dangling nose, ten twisted toes
and folds of shriveled skin -
cracked and chipped and crackled lips
that frame a toothless grin.
  She hurtles by; she sweeps the sky
and hurls a piercing screech -
as she swoops past, a spell is cast
on all her curses reach.
Take care to hide when the wild witch rides
to shriek her evil spell,
what she may do with a word or two
is much too grim to tell.
Witches, Ghosts and Monsters galore
will come knocking at your door
Jack-O-Lanterns shining bright
for all to enjoy - on Halloween night.
Author Unknown

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Message In A Bottle.....

One of my favourite places to go is Greens Point Lighthouse, a short distance from my house. I love the scenery here, the beauty of land and the smell of the Bay. Seagulls call to each other, while Eagles hunt. Seals play in the receding tide as the Deer Island Ferries make their runs. (Letete, New Brunswick)
I love to roam the beach and see what the tide has brought in to me. This particular day of wandering I had already found some really unique shells, a few fossil rocks and.......then.... "right mixed up" (Maritime saying) with the seaweed was a wine bottle.
I thought I would remove it from its tangled web and put it up at the top of the beach. I noticed a band of electrical tape around the top of the bottle and thought to myself - h-m-m-m-m, this is unusual and upon cleaning the sand and grime off the bottle I saw a plastic bag inside. "Holy Jumpins",  I had found a "Message In A Bottle". You have no idea of how many years of roaming beaches are under my belt and I had never found such a wonderful treasure.
Thank you "BD" in Alberta, Canada for making my day. I am going to put your note and a note of mine in a bag; put them in a bottle, take it to my special place and let the tide take it away. "May your days be filled with peace also", and may the adventure of our Messages In A Bottle land in a place new to both of us.
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