Thursday, September 11, 2014


Festival Time in two small border towns, Calais, Maine and St. Stephen, NB. Crowds were good, weather was fine, lots n lots of vendors and many interesting skills. One of the things I love about this summer festival is the crowd of people. Everyone is having a fine time. Yep, I spent money and discovered many new vendors with lots of surprises.
Ladies Lionettes
There were many skilled vendors, rides, slides and ponies along the riverbank. Sausages, ball park hot dogs, popcorn, curly fries, hamburgers, many taste stands, home made breads, biscuits, jams n jellies and much more - all followed with a parade in St. Stephen, ending in Calais. I really do appreciate the fact that this front street is closed and the vendors, musicians, street actors etc, have lots of room to perform. Just a wonderful way to spend the day.
And what would be a festival without our Emergency Responders. These very well trained girls walked a lot of miles during the day, always on the alert to be helpful if the need be. Neat thing about these small town festivals - you can have a nice chat with a total stranger and end up knowing someone they know. :)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Big Bubble Challenge, Eh.....

These Big Bubbles were most popular with the children at our recent Festival. It was also much fun just to watch the kids trying to walk across the water and this young fella in Aqua shirt seemed to master it a few times.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Welcome to the world young "Evan". May your paths always guide you well and may flowers and sunshine always grow around you. You are the luckiest little boy in the world to have been born into the loving household in which you will dwell. You have wonderful Parents, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, cousins and friends who have been waiting to meet you. With your birth, comes a love so strong that it will likely  overwhelm your Mom and Dad, and all those around you. Behave Little Man and let Mom catch up on some well deserved sleep.  Be Brave Little Man when you open "your eyes" and see many looking back at you with big smiles and warm words - Your Family.
Welcome to the world indeed my Great Little Nephew.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fast Freeda......

Fast Freeda - "Hole In One Shot"
Team Lorne - Fast Freeda, Lucky Lorne n Gypsy Rose
Team Lilly - Fast Freeda, Loose Lilly n Jester Judy
Lucky Toss for Lucky Lorne
Jester Judy was in shock with last toss of BackYard Loss :)
Lucky Lorne smiled and gracefully accepted "Championship".
The backyard got a little sunnier yesterday with YOU Freeeda, Judy n Lorne. It was a great way to spend an afternoon with friends. It sure was nice to meet you Freeda (Gramma G) - come back n play again. Happy journey back home.
Pick Photos to enlarge :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

LumberJacks n Jills

This young fellow is a fine artist. He started with a full log and someone in the crowd would win this original sculpture at the end of the day. The LumberJack n Jill  gathering is one of the very popular events, including all ages - at the Festival. I cannot imagine the stamina and talent it takes to carve, chop n saw in all these categories.
I know I cannot throw an axe that far, let alone hit the target!
Of course, there are always crowd favourites.....
 - and young fella's breaking records.....
Guyz showing off their protective gear.....
Even the Dogz enjoyed themselves.....
Balancing is an ART, and toting a saw n cutting  even more so......
Big Saws
Fire Starter - not an easy Event.....
The crowd has an astonishing day, the competitors are overwhelming with talent, and hard work and give it their all - with "practice, practice and more practice".

Monday, August 4, 2014

Olde Truck

Driving along in the country, we passed by this olde rusty ?Ford
Some of you might identify it - just sitting in the olde lumber
yard, waiting for another load of logs that never came.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Name Is Charles......

My name is Charles.....
This is my brother Larry n my other brother Larry-
I think more clearly when I lie down.
I have an idea - perhaps my idea is useless, however; we would like to join with our other fine feathered brothers' n sisters and create a "gang" of mighty seagulls in the attempt to get some free food.
We sort of have a plan, however odd it might seem. Through much discussion, we have decided to gather and hatch a plot of fear; arrive in great numbers, confusing everybody and steal fish n chips from the King Street Takeout customers.
We have noticed the customers set the takeout bag on the hood of their car while attempting to open their car doors - kinda stupid on their part - an advantage for us. We could swoop in, grab the takeout bag and hastily retreat to the Olde Tower of Town Hall and have a great feast. There is a window busted in the back, which makes for a great entrance. We have a secret place there, just for meetings like this and its also great protection to get out of the bad the hurricane last week.
We voted in Slick Eddie to be our leader; a commanding fellow of sorts, whose good in a fight.
Unfortunately, he flew into a pole and has gone a bit soft in the head.
Then we picked Nelson and figured he could easily be the brains behind our whole mission, as he always surprises us with human treats - well, he got trapped in the baggage compartment of the bus leaving for St. Andrews.
Then, there is John and one of my brothers - Larry. They are sneaky, I mean real sneaky and I thought they would be a great addition in hatching the plan, however; they are dealing cards across the river in Maine at the gambling resort. Oh crap!
I had hoped to have Carrie fly over and sit on the roof of the takeout and just listen - like a secret listening agent; just found out she does not like the music they play on the Tide Radio Station - seems she likes the blues much better. I am not at all happy with this.
Finally I turned to Estelle , my last hope as a major player to fly back n forth between the Tourist Bureau and the Olde Town Hall , as Carrie's lookout. Did I mention there is a People's Pub on the corner - She's always getting into the sauce on the deck in the back of the place. Regrettably, someone left a few drops in a glass out on the "open deck" and she has passed out.
Perhaps, at this time, I must take a temporary pass, on our "Gang" plans. It seems they were going to fail from the start. It's probably much safer to stick to the waterfront, get in a bit o'fishin' and just accept whatever treats come our way.
Dinner Anyone ?
by SaucyKod