Thursday, October 23, 2014

Message In A Bottle.....

One of my favourite places to go is Greens Point Lighthouse, a short distance from my house. I love the scenery here, the beauty of land and the smell of the Bay. Seagulls call to each other, while Eagles hunt. Seals play in the receding tide as the Deer Island Ferries make their runs. (Letete, New Brunswick)
I love to roam the beach and see what the tide has brought in to me. This particular day of wandering I had already found some really unique shells, a few fossil rocks and.......then.... "right mixed up" (Maritime saying) with the seaweed was a wine bottle.
I thought I would remove it from its tangled web and put it up at the top of the beach. I noticed a band of electrical tape around the top of the bottle and thought to myself - h-m-m-m-m, this is unusual and upon cleaning the sand and grime off the bottle I saw a plastic bag inside. "Holy Jumpins",  I had found a "Message In A Bottle". You have no idea of how many years of roaming beaches are under my belt and I had never found such a wonderful treasure.
Thank you "BD" in Alberta, Canada for making my day. I am going to put your note and a note of mine in a bag; put them in a bottle, take it to my special place and let the tide take it away. "May your days be filled with peace also", and may the adventure of our Messages In A Bottle land in a place new to both of us.
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Grand Falls Dam, Charlotte County, New Brunswick

Some "Pals-O-Mine"
What a way to spend a day in paradise - the only folks there - pack a picnic lunch for sure, eh.
A few minutes from the house the St. Croix River extends up and past the Grand Falls Dam here in Charlotte County. I am on the Canadian Side at the moment, and do not think I will "skip" to the other side, although I am sure Bears, Coyotes, Deer, Moose and many feathered friends have already done so. A wee bit of Paradise, not too far from my back yard.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Burnt Hill Sunset

I remember a sunset you gifted  me long ago
an afternoon of sun, sky and deep forest
idly watching nature's paintbrush 
changing the sky to blackest black - sinking
dark sky peering down to see its reflection -
edges trimmed with crimson red and yellow; 
its blue already gone.
a whisper of light reached upward -
only to be lost within the cloud
 wild birds in the eastern sky on their last flight
carrying sun drops on their wings 
whispered goodnight.
soon this brilliance was gone 
and a hush engulfed the land -
this sunset you gifted me
so very long ago -
I can still recall.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Definitely Awkward, Definitely Fun.........

Fog City Rollers (Saint John, New Brunswick)
"The Fog" rolled into the small town of Blacks Harbour last weekend with the (Saint John Roller Derby - Fog City Rollers having wrapped up their "Summer" - learn to skate program. An exciting 10 week program, teaching you how to roller skate like the pro's.
Yes, there were many anxious folk who showed up and enough that two teams were created for the upcoming Annual Fog Festival Frenzy. The Derby was held at the Fundy Arena, just up the road a bit in the town of Blacks Harbour. The teams were the local folks and to make it a bit more exciting the Fog City Rollers had some "special experienced skaters" join both teams to make the game more challenging.
 It was Athletically Sharp, awkward, wonderful, laughable and definitely a good time. Ya gotta be from the East to appreciate the names.
Salmon Slammers
Sardine Scrappers
Finishing Score 94 - 89. The Sardine Scrappers put up a good fight but the Salmon Slammers were victorious. The Fog City Rollers thank the people of Blacks Harbour and surrounding area for coming out to see what Roller Derby is all about and at the same time watch some of their own folks playing for the first time. Definitely a fun night had by all. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


"I'm a runnin' for Sheriff too, but together we will all get that Waweig River Gang and their leader. They are slippery like a snake and just as ornery. 

I will always be on the look out for you "Kid"; you can't escape the long arm of the law!!
Once a lawman, always a lawman...we will get you "Kid" Johnson. And by the way everyone, I'm carrying extra bullets and running for Sheriff......need your votes !!!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

On Belleisle Bay

Sunset at the cottage is my most favourite part of the day. This is a time when the colours are the deepest and the brightest - a painter's pallet forever changing. The night birds call to each other and the day creatures begin to bed down for the night. This is one true time of the day when the forest is sensitive to all the sounds of nature awakening at dusk. Tonight there is the beginning of the ardent colours of Autumn; many more to come as the dawn's frost cools the earth.  Shadows that fall around us bring the darkness to life. The night birds call to each other; the crickets begin their song. I anticipate the start of the coyotes high quavering cry to the rising moon as the creatures of darkness move silently throughout the forest for their night hunt.
The sunset has stolen the daylight and left us with brilliant colours in the night sky. As I listen to the waves gently lap against the dock and shore, I feel quite satisfied in my mind that Mother Nature has put on this display just for me.


Thursday, September 11, 2014


Festival Time in two small border towns, Calais, Maine and St. Stephen, NB. Crowds were good, weather was fine, lots n lots of vendors and many interesting skills. One of the things I love about this summer festival is the crowd of people. Everyone is having a fine time. Yep, I spent money and discovered many new vendors with lots of surprises.
Ladies Lionettes
There were many skilled vendors, rides, slides and ponies along the riverbank. Sausages, ball park hot dogs, popcorn, curly fries, hamburgers, many taste stands, home made breads, biscuits, jams n jellies and much more - all followed with a parade in St. Stephen, ending in Calais. I really do appreciate the fact that this front street is closed and the vendors, musicians, street actors etc, have lots of room to perform. Just a wonderful way to spend the day.
And what would be a festival without our Emergency Responders. These very well trained girls walked a lot of miles during the day, always on the alert to be helpful if the need be. Neat thing about these small town festivals - you can have a nice chat with a total stranger and end up knowing someone they know. :)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Big Bubble Challenge, Eh.....

These Big Bubbles were most popular with the children at our recent Festival. It was also much fun just to watch the kids trying to walk across the water and this young fella in Aqua shirt seemed to master it a few times.